::: 《2017 StartUP@Taipei Demo Day》 – Startup@Taipei

Taipei Int'l Startup Week

《2017 StartUP@Taipei Demo Day》


Taipei Int'l Startup Week

Selected 10 startup teams from the “2017 Taipei Startup program” will pitch in English on StartUP@Taipei Demo Day. Accelerators, angel investors and VCs from domestic and global will be invited as judges to give comments and provide funding and accelerating opportunities.

◢ Venue:Taipei New Horizon 6F
◢ Time:Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, 18:00-21:00


Simple editing and operation interface, allow you to create AR content within ten minutes
Website: https://www.makerar.com/

In short, Commuter is the “Online IKEA of Bike.”
Website: http://www.collegebike.tw/

MemePR Limited
A.I. Marketing Platform for Global Brands and Agencies.
Website: https://www.memepr.com/

Soteria Biotech Co., Ltd.
Development and sale of diagnosis or treatment related medical software.
Website: http://www.soteriabio.com/

MyProGuide INC.
MyProGuide is a platform matching hourly professional tour guides with travelers directly online. 
Website: http://www.mylanguagehero.com/

Language Hero Inc.
AI-fueled video chat app that gets beginners speaking a new language from day 1.
Website: http://www.mylanguagehero.com/

Howard C. Consulting
We provide Organizational Health Index(OHI) and Talent evolution program to support enterprise solve talent issues.
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18239872/

DFON Biomedical Technology Inc
Anti-Aging MMpH+ Technology (Enzyme Secret series)
Website: http://www.dermafountain.com/

Pokeshops Inc.
// Make your life simple // Gulu² – The most amazing Restaurants collection tools!
Website: https://www.gulu.tw/

Mediot Co. Ltd 
Mediot is a specialized digital healthcare company focusing on establishing a practical and user friendly online/offline medical connection.​
Website: https://www.mediothealth.com/