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Introduction to the 2014 Projecttitle

In order to create a friendly entrepreneurial environment and encourage young people aspiring to start a business at home and abroad to come to Taipei to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, the Industrial Development Bureau of Taipei City Government completed the "102 Taipei Good Leader Venture Capital Promotion and Marketing Plan" in 102. Set up the Taipei City Entrepreneurship Service Office to provide single-window entrepreneurial consulting services, consultant case counseling and other measures, set up Taipei City Entrepreneurship Resources website, organize 2013 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Competition, etc., integrate government and private resources, expand investment momentum, and stimulate Taipei City’s entrepreneurial energy , Has achieved concrete results.

In 2013, we will continue the entrepreneurial service office mechanism and coaching energy, and gradually build a perfect entrepreneurial environment in Taipei City.


1. Continuing the single-window consultation entity counter service of the Taipei Entrepreneurship Service Office, providing free counseling and information on entrepreneurial resources in Taipei to eliminate obstacles to entrepreneurship and improve entrepreneurs' chances of success.

2. Maintain and update the Taipei City Entrepreneurship Resources website, use the Internet and mobile communications, and provide real-time entrepreneurial consulting services to improve the efficiency of the application of entrepreneurial resources.

3. Organize the 2014 Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Competition to improve the training of high-quality companies/teams and match venture capital.