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National Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China Brand Innovation Service Acceleration Center The 3rd (2021) Brand Golden Ship Award Selection Guide

The National Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, in order to promote the export of Taiwan's three-creation and ten trillion service industry to the world, through the "Gold Ship Award" selection program for ten trillion innovative and entrepreneurial potential brands, select Asian high-quality service industry brands and assist private enterprises in finding international outlets. If your corporate brand has been or is going to be exported internationally, or has received attention from domestic and foreign capital, welcome to participate in the third "Golden Ship Award" selection.

During the selection process, the National Chamber of Commerce will guide excellent service industry brands to enter the accelerator, assist brands to connect with overseas distributors or agents, and enable service industry brands to obtain capital investment through domestic and foreign capital markets while developing international markets, and create innovative BITs. (Brand In Taiwan) The new model of export authorization aims to develop Taiwan’s service industry into a world-competitive Asian Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Participating companies must meet the requirements of Taiwan’s three-million-dollar service industry:
Three creations:

Newly created Transition (manufacturing transformation service-oriented enterprise), Lianchuang Franchise (chain brand franchise company), and re-created Old shop (old shop innovation)

Ten trillion industry:

The first trillion hand beverage industry (drinks, ice products, desserts)
The second trillion three gold industries (green gold-vegetable food, gold-roasting, black gold-coffee)
The third trillion health care service industry (medical, biotechnology, health care, long-term care)
The fourth trillion innovative business model agricultural industry (new agriculture with brand as value, business model as structure, and technology as the threshold)
The fifth trillion cross-border e-commerce service chain industry (customs declaration, cash flow, logistics, information flow, trade industry supply chain through e-commerce)
The sixth trillion fashion and humanistic catering industry (localization + humanities/cultural creativity, catering standardization export international)
The seventh trillion tourism and leisure industry (tourism, hotels, souvenirs, e-sports, sports, transportation and other one-stop ecosystems)
The eighth trillion AI technology integrated application industry (big data, artificial intelligence, biometrics, AR, VR, blockchain)
The Ninth Trillion Financial Technology Service Industry (Fin Tech)
Tenth trillion service industry supply chain industry (real estate, education system, intellectual property system and other service industry supply ecological chains)

1. A company that is legally registered in accordance with the relevant company laws of the country where the brand enterprise belongs and has actual operations, and is in compliance with the normal and legal declaration of corporate income tax.
2. The company has been approved for establishment for more than 3 years, has started normal operation, and has a complete business model and profit model with a turnover of NT$5 million in the previous year.
3. A brand that is in line with the three-creation ten trillion exportable service industry and has planned to deploy internationally.
4. Enterprises that have been recommended by the government or various accelerators to pass the review are not limited to the second paragraph of this article.
5. For companies that have been approved by the Brand Acceleration Center (BAC) of the National Chamber of Commerce, applicants under this item are not limited to the second item of this article. .
6. Each participating company is limited to one brand to participate in the election, and no duplicate registration is allowed.
7. Brands that have won the Golden Ship Award are not allowed to re-register within three years.

Selection activity schedule
1. Online registration: from 2020/12/21~2021/3/31.
2. Deadline for submission of registration materials: from registration to 2021/3/31.
3. This event is to encourage and strengthen the service industry to export international energy, so registration for the event is free.
4. Notification of selection results:

Those who are promoted at each stage will be published by the organizer on the official website and notified separately by email or official documents:

In the first stage, 50 finalists will be selected for preliminary review and 10 will be available for selection. Notice will be issued on 2021/4/9
40 companies will be promoted and reviewed in the second stage, and a notice will be issued on May 21, 2021
The third stage of the final selection of 30 Golden Ship Award winners will be announced on June 1, 2021

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