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2022 City of Bio-Driven

o encourage further investment in the field of bio-tech research, achieve promotion of excellent bio-tech research and development, at the beginning of 2004, the Taipei City Government first launched the "Taipei Bio-tech Awards" specified for bio-tech industry. The award is designed for the innovation of the field, exploration and development, technology transfer, product marketing, breeding, etc., the important points of the field, and the three major domain experts in bio-tech, finance, and financial-intelligence are invited to make up the investigation committee, to select the city's standard schools and institutes to present trophies and prizes.

Over the years, the "Taipei Bio-tech Awards" has gained prestige in the sectors of bio-tech industry, government and academia, based on a rigorous, impartial and professional review mechanism. Over 100 million TWD have been awarded to 210 contenders. Most of the award-winning companies are under rapid growth, and nearly 60% of them have successfully gone on market. Their products or technologies have won high regards on international bio-tech conferences and earned a total of 430 million TWD through technology licensing. The joint efforts of the bio-tech industry and the authority have made the "Taipei Bio-tech Awards" also known as the "Bio-tech Oscar"of the field - which has provided an excellent platform for Taiwan's best bio-tech firms to promote corporate image and business reputation in international arena!