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Latest travel trend and the underlying problems in the Companies from different industries started to invest in digital transformation under the influence of the latest technology development. Tourism & Travel industry is definitely one of the industry that’s facing this transformation most directly, which led to changes such as OTA、online traveling experience website and so on, and even a new noun “tech-tourism” is also born to describe this latest trend. Furthermore, travelers’ behavior is also changing to a style that tightly bonded them with technology usage. For example, a more fragmented (book and go) travel planning style as well as an increasing number of solo backpacker traveling style due to the handy, easy to use, mobile technology.

Besides trying to involve more local feature into the tech-tourism development process and let tourists have a better understanding of Taiwanese culture, Tourism innovation & Tech Awards is also a great opportunity that could gather participants’ idea on how to solve the long existing potential problems hiding behind the curtain. For example, the “Earthquake instant warning text” is a service that the Taiwanese government has developed, with the purpose of trying to alarm and comfort people whenever an earthquake hits. While this service did not take foreigners’ needs into account while developing, it turns out that foreign tourists might actually be the group that needed this service the most. Comparing to local Taiwanese, they’re not familiar with earthquake happening and does not possess the knowledge of what to do during an earthquake hit. Despite one might argue that this should not be a problem for the general tourists, it is in fact, this kind of detail would affect tourist experience, and in long term probably reducing certain percentage of the inbound tourists.

Therefore, gather great minds that possess the ability to develop creative ideas into real service and mitigate or even fix the underlying problem in Taiwan tourism, this should definitely be the first priority of this challenge (Award).