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5G innovative application seed teachers

1. In order to promote the training of 5G innovative application teachers, the Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs links up with the training resources of major 5G manufacturers at home and abroad with "Industry questions, teachers solve problems", and encourages professional managers and coaches (including startup teams) of incubation centers/accelerators ) Sign up to participate.

2. Training resources include:

(1) [Knowledge quenching chain]: Provide a complete 24-hour 5G end-to-end training course for international manufacturers [Nokia Bell Labs], worth more than 140,000!
(2) [Creative Guidance]: Cooperate with companies such as Chunghwa Telecom, Huadian Networking and Shenbo Communication.. to co-organize innovative application workshops, focusing on Internet of Vehicles, smart transportation, and smart manufacturing, and lead the team to implement themes.
(3) [Field Demonstration]: Assisting in linking 5G collaboration bases, leading the team to perform service verification, and creating the last mile of business transfer.
(4) [Partner Links] Together with domestic and foreign partners, we will promote business opportunities to match and exchange, and jointly join the 5G industry ecosystem.

3. The number of teachers for this seed is limited to 25. The selection will be based on the fact that teachers/managers can lead the team to promote 5G R&D cooperation, innovative applications, and participate in 5G competitions as a priority.

4. 5G innovative application seed teachers will accept applications from now on. Registration link:
The deadline for registration is 18:00 on August 20, 109.

5. For more information, please contact the Institute of Information Technology 02-6631-6552 Miss Wang