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2021 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs(AWE)

"2021 Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)" of the American Association in Taiwan and the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs provides opportunities for Chinese female start-ups, prospective entrepreneurs and women interested in entrepreneurial issues to cultivate opportunities through online free digital courses And entity gathering activities to strengthen the communication between female entrepreneurial knowledge and social networks, and build an entrepreneurial ecosystem dedicated to female startups.

From now until April 23, 2021, women start-ups, prospective entrepreneurs, and women interested in entrepreneurial issues in all industries are encouraged to actively sign up.

【Eligibility for Registration】
1. Females with English communication skills and willing to cooperate in attending related activities.
2. Female start-ups, prospective entrepreneurs and women who are interested in entrepreneurial issues.

For detailed registration information, please visit https://reurl.cc/xgeaqZ
※ After the online registration is completed, it needs to be reviewed, and the admission will be considered successful after receiving the email notification

【College Activities】
1. Call for 90 female trainees
2. Handle 6 small group activities
3. Handle 1 session of "Taiwan Women's Entrepreneurship Bilateral Forum"
4. Establish a female entrepreneurial group

※ The host/organizer reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate this event at any time.
※ The host/organizer is expected to notify the admitted applicants by e-mail in May. Please keep an eye on the announcements and notification messages of the host/organizer.
※ Due to the enthusiastic application, the college will give priority to those who have completed company registration for new ventures with less than 3 years, have operational performance, and are expected to expand overseas markets in the future.
※ If there are any deficiencies, it will be handled in accordance with the rules of the selection guide.

Undertaker: Miss Li
Phone: 07-332-1068#22
Fax: 07-332-3129
Email: awe.taiwan2021@gmail.com