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Applications are now open for 4th edition of Talents Taipei 2020 program

Taipei City government is hosting the 10 working days " 2020 Global Startup Talents@Taipei Program" for international startups to create business opportunities and grow business in Taipei, Taiwan since June 1st ~ June 15th, 2020.


2020 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program introduction

This briefing will introduce the SBIR program introduction, so that the industry understands the spirit of the plan and the relevant subsidy regulations, and invites senior reviewers to explain the main points of the plan subsidy and the proposal skills, as well as the SBIR case sharing to assist the industry to master the writing of plan Application points. We invite all industry leaders to come and participate in the guidance.


Do you want to be a national craftsman? Taiwan Crafts Workshop begins to apply for a selection!

In 109, the sixth "Taiwan Crafts Workshop Selection" was processed to improve the image of Taiwan craftsmanship, implement craft-related counseling mechanisms, and expand the benefits of services, so that the public feels and recognizes the development and transformation of craft culture, and then attaches importance to craftsmanship. If you are a master, you must come. The opportunity is rare. Please grasp it.


108/11/20 StartUP@Taipei Overseas subsidies share report

Invited previous grantees to show their opinions, share the selection and evaluation direction of participating in international exhibitions, international accelerator training courses, and participate in experience sharing, so that you can gain a lot.

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