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Taipei City Government's i-Voting online voting to allow "your decision to change your life"

In recent years, Taipei has made some changes because of everyone’s participation in i-Voting... i-Voting voted for the zoo to increase the maintenance time of the park. The municipal government stopped issuing small lanterns, friendly and environmentally friendly


【Entrepreneurship Exchange and Sharing Activities】Legal Responses to Start-up Companies and Enterprises in the Epidemic Situation

The Entrepreneurship Exchange Sharing Conference will be held from 13:40 to 15:30, June 19, 109 (Fri). I look forward to helping entrepreneurs to open up the blue ocean road through the experience sharing of the exchange conference. Welcome to sign up to participate.


"Government issues, industry problem solving" 1+7 Smart Area Recruitment Area

Starting this year, under the concept of "government issues, industry solutions", Beishifu will put forward demands from various fields and seek innovative solutions through the "Taipei City Smart City Industry Pilot Program". After the outsourcing case and the implementation of the experimental project, the empirical results will be reviewed by the Smart City Promotion Group in various fields to assess whether the internal and external experts can be refined to form a policy and accelerate the trial project to effectively land.


The "58th Republic of China Top Ten Outstanding Youth Selection Activity" will accept recommendations from now until June 30, 109

In order to discover outstanding young people from all walks of life and in all fields of society, with their hard-working success stories, commend the 20 to 40-year-olds who have outstanding performance in work and contribute to the society, as a modern youth learning model, and then improve Taiwan society’s confidence and trust in young people, encourage young people to take up social responsibilities, encourage young people to forge ahead in personal undertakings and public services, encourage young people to actively participate in social services, arouse more attention from society, and promote the participation of the masses in the ten outstanding The youth selection activities together set a new generation of young role models for the society.

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