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If I have applied for other government loans or subsidies before, can I apply for a simple loan?


Yes, you can. Regardless of whether you have previously applied for or are currently applying for loans from other government agencies, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for this loan, you may apply. However, if you have previously applied for or are currently applying for other government loans, the approval of the loan will still depend on various factors such as your qualifications, financial structure, use of funds, business status, industry outlook, loan amount, loan term, and grace period. It is recommended that applicants carefully evaluate these aspects when submitting their applications.


If I want to submit the R&D Subsidy or Brand Subsidy application, how many years should my company have been established?


A company should be established over one year and has sales income on 401 tax report or has increased company capital in the past one year.


What is the maximum subsidy amount for career training programs under the Self-Governance Ordinance?


The maximum subsidy for labor career training is NT$800 thousand; however, the career training subsidy may be increased to a maximum of NT$1 million for enterprises with the recommendation of Taipei City public career institutes, and enterprises that have increased the employment of middle-aged unemployed workers to a total of 1% of that of the original employees.


Any limitation on the initial date of the project?


The initial date of the project should not be earlier than the date of submitting an application.


I want to set a booth in the department store. Can I apply grant for booth as venue rental?


Venue rental grant is for the rent of event area which is set for the project. Long-term booth rent is not included in.