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Is there any age restriction for the person in charge of applying for the establishment of a company?


According to the company law, the directors of a limited company are elected by shareholders with capacity, and the directors of a limited company are elected by shareholders with capacity. According to the civil law, a person who has reached the age of 20 is an adult, that is, a person who has the ability, and another person who is married is also a person who is capable.


Are there any restrictions on the place of registration?


1. The location should be based on the programmed house number, and registered by the household administration agency. Do not add notes without authorization. The house number of the place does not need to be continuous, but it should be adjacent to each other, and it does not involve crossing lanes.
2. The location of the company's business name is the central area of the legal relationship. In principle, it is limited to one place. As for the business at different locations, if it is a branch, it should be registered in accordance with the Business Registration Law and the Company Law. Business offices are not required to register.
In addition, the actual place of business shall comply with relevant laws and regulations such as metropolitan planning and construction management.


How many company line numbers can be set for one address?


Regarding the head office (business name) and branch offices located at the same address, and the same address applying for registration of two or more companies (business names) of the same business nature, the current company law and business registration law have not yet forbidden.


Must the registered place be the same as the place of business?


The place of registration of the company or bank number is the central area of commercial legal relations. For example, the settlement of debts, the jurisdiction of litigation, and the service of pleadings are based on the place of residence. There is no place for registration of business-related laws and regulations that is consistent with the actual place of business conduct It is stipulated that, if the business place is of a branch nature (there is an account for calculating surplus losses and financial accounting is independent), the branch registration must be performed in accordance with the law.


Do I need to have a commercial registration to make artisanal food in my home before it can be sold on the market or online?


According to Article 4 of the Business Registration Law: "Apart from the provisions of Article 5, a business shall not be established without being registered by the competent authority of the place where the business is located." Article 5 states: "The following small-scale businesses may be exempted from applying for registration in accordance with this Law : 1.Street vendors. 2.Family farmers, forests, fishermen, and herdsmen. 3.Family craftsmen. 4.Bed and breakfast operators. 5.Monthly sales who do not reach the threshold of business tax. " Those who are exempt from registration shall apply for business registration in accordance with the provisions of the Business Registration Law before starting business. If they do business without legal registration, the competent authority may punish them in accordance with Article 31 of the Business Registration Law.


Is it necessary to apply for business registration to set up a "studio" in Taipei?


For the establishment of a studio, if it is not a small-scale business that is exempted from registration under Article 5 of the Business Registration Law, it shall be subject to business registration.


Do street vendors have to register for business?


According to Article 5 of the Business Registration Law, street vendors are exempt from business registration. As for whether you need to apply for a street vendor business license, please contact the county and city governments.