::: 2019 Taipei Int'l Startup Week 11/12-11/17 – Startup@Taipei

2019 Taipei Int'l Startup Week 11/12-11/17title



The thriving innovation of Taipei City plays an essential role in the development of Taiwan’s entrepreneurship. To strengthen the competitiveness of startups, Taipei City Government is committed to create a better entrepreneurial environment by promoting many policies and measures and introducing international trends and resources.

In order to show the features of startups in Taipei and offer a chance for them to link up with the global market, Taipei City Government hosted “2019 Taipei International Startup Week ” with a series of activities including StartUP@Taipei Global Linkage Forum, StartUP@Taipei Demo Day, Taipei Entrepreneurs Innovation Expo & Prominent Enterprise Award, International Entrepreneurship Congress, StartUP@Taipei Pavilion and Pop Up Asia. Through the events, we hope to facilitate the interaction between Taipei and global startup ecosystem, stimulate more creativity, and broaden entrepreneurs’ horizons, building Taipei up to the first choice for startups in Asia.


Loïc Dosseur / France / Paris&Co CEO

Loïc DOSSEUR is the CEO of Paris & Co, an innovation and economic development agency of the Paris Metropolitan Area. Paris & Co works closely with more than 100 French companies and manages 14 thematic innovation platforms in Paris. Each year, more than 500 startups benefit from the support programs.

Yoshiaki Ito / Japan / X-TANK CEO

Yoshiaki Ito is the CEO of X-TANK, a consulting firm that supports organizations to grow business. Though Japanese by nationality, Ito was born and raised in Bangkok and earned his higher education in the U.S., his border-blurring background and diverse resume may explain why his business approaches are often a blend of the foreign and familiar. 

Kevin Kung / USA / Takachar Founder/CTO

Kevin Kung earned his Ph.D. in the field of biofuels and renewable energy in 2017 from MIT. He is the founder of Takachar, a company that focused on turning unmanaged agricultural residues into charcoal through a reactor that enables small-scale, portable, and decentralized biomass conversion, saving transportation cost. In this forum, he will share the inspirations that he gained during his 8 years at MIT.

11/12 9:30 StartUP@Taipei Global Linkage Forum
The entrepreneurs and the delegates of the incubator from the United States, France and Japan are invited to StartUP@Taipei Global Linkage Forum to share the flexible responses and attitudes in the face of emerging work patterns…more

11/12 13:00 StartUP@Taipei Demo Day
6 startup teams selected from the “Taipei Entrepreneur Training Program” will give presentations to the representatives from VCs, large enterprises, and accelerators at home and abroad…more

11/12-13 Taipei Entrepreneurs Innovation Expo & Prominent Enterprise Award
The 2019 “Prominent Enterprise, Light up Taipei”-Taipei Entrepreneurs Innovation Expo & Prominent Enterprise Award will be held on November 12-13. There will be five spotlight exhibition areas—Smart Innovation, Creative Life, Taipei Brand, Practical Design, and Woman Startups featured with Taipei entrepreneurs’ innovation products, technology and service…more

11/13 International Entrepreneurship congress
The Distinguished Citizen Society has held the Advancement of the International Youth Entrepreneurship Forum for four years. This year, the International Entrepreneurship Congress will be held under the theme of “Star, Infinity”…more

11/14-16 StartUP@Taipei Pavilion
“2019 Meet Taipei Startup Festival” in which 40 startup teams from ” Taipei Entrepreneur Training Program ” will be divided into 4 domains, including Biotechnology & Medical, Smart Living, Green Cycle, DigiTech & Innovation. This year, we cooperate with many innovation incubation centers of universities…more

11/14-17 POP UP ASIA
To show the lively energy of Taipei’s startups, 2019 Taipei International Startup Week cooperates with Pop Up Asia, the first handicraft trade fair which is dedicated to fostering creative dialogues among handicraft entrepreneurs, artisans, suppliers and organizers in Asia…more