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Taipei Int'l Startup Week

2016 Taipei Int'l Startup Week 11/15-11/19title


Taipei Int'l Startup Week

When innovative ideas are no longer just at the idea stage

It is the process of starting a business that allows new innovations to enter people’s lives

As the capital, Taipei has the most start-up teams and entrepreneurs

It also provides abundant resources for the growth and implementation of these ideas

The 2016 Taipei International Entrepreneurship Week will focus on "Full Start of Entrepreneurship-From Taipei to the World" as the main axis

From cultural creativity to technological entrepreneurship, innovative ideas in different fields will be exchanged here

Also through this week’s event, the international community can see the innovative energy of Taipei

Two-way integration with the global entrepreneurial ecosystem!

November 15 Get in line with international X two-way interaction
November 15 Starlight Matchmaking Conference
November 16 "All Things" Design
November 16 Taipei Story Entrepreneur Forum
November 17th-November 19th Taipei New Creation Center
November 17th-November 19th "Meet Taipei Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival" in the Digital Age
November 18th-November 19th Silicon Valley Crowd Fundraising Big Decryption
November 18th-November 19th WorkFace Taipei Entrepreneurship Carnival

Details: https://www.accupass.com/event/1610200720585611395770