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Overseas Subsidy Program

Overseas Subsidy Program

Program Introduction

In order to encourage the Taipei city ’s startup teams to actively expand their international perspectives, the Taipei City Government handles the “Taipei Subsidized Startup Team Overseas Participation in Entrepreneurship Program” by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Taipei City to subsidize the city ’s potential startup teams to enter overseas accelerators and participate in international Entrepreneurship activities or incubation center training courses to assist new startup teams with international standards, through multi-national creative exchanges, establish an international resource network, and hope to promote their products or services to the international market.

Apply Qualification

Company qualification:
Those who have completed the registration in Taipei in accordance with the company law, business registration law or limited partnership law, but do not include foreign branches. It shall be submitted within five years (inclusive) from the day after the establishment registration.

Member restrictions:
The subsidy limit for four persons who are allowed to go abroad to participate in entrepreneurship is the subsidy limit. The group members must be the operating team or full-time hired personnel of the company, business or limited partnership.

Subsidy Category

(1) International entrepreneurial activities or entrepreneurial competitions
Including different forms of venture capital matchmaking, product display of new venture teams, discovery of innovative ideas or assistance to the development of new venture teams in other countries, and entrepreneurial activities or entrepreneurial competitions involving more than three countries' new venture teams

(2) Actually settled in an entrepreneurial accelerator or incubation center located overseas
Actually obtained the qualification of foreign accelerators and incubation centers.

(3) Participate in training courses or related training provided by overseas entrepreneur accelerators or incubation centers
Courses must be offered for incubation centers and accelerators.


(1) The maximum application amount for each application is NT $ 500,000. The applicant is limited to one application per year.

(2) The subsidy fund subjects include air tickets, entrance fees, tuition fees, tickets and booth fees, excluding capital gate expenditures such as hardware construction and equipment procurement, and materials costs for technology research and development. For applications that do not receive repeated subsidies from other government agencies limit.

(3) The maximum amount of subsidy for the persons who go abroad to participate in entrepreneurship (hereinafter referred to as group members) through this plan is four persons. The group members must be company, commercial or limited partnership operating teams or full-time employees.


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