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Tel Aviv

Entrepreneurial environment
Tel Aviv has more than 2,000 startups, with an average of one startup for every 400 people, and ranks among the highest-density startups in the world. Since the domestic market is not large, many startups are positioned to develop the global market from the beginning. Its excellent entrepreneurial environment has also attracted more than 300 countries to set up R&D centers in Tel Aviv. Because of its special political and military conditions, the entrepreneurial field is based on corporate IT, security, Internet technology, and military defense technology. To advertising applications, e-commerce, big data, SaaS, etc. Many international experts are optimistic about the global influence of Tel Aviv's innovative R&D, especially in the fields of Internet of Things, big data and Bitcoin.

Entrepreneurship policy

Start-Up Nation Central
The purpose of the establishment is to help connect start-up companies and the country's resources and technologies to create value.

Tel Aviv GlobalCentral
The company established by the municipal government is committed to positioning Tel Aviv as a global innovative business center, a cluster of entrepreneurs, an urban tourist destination and a leading city in the world.

Innovation Residency Program
Invite international new entrepreneurs to experience Tel Aviv’s entrepreneurial atmosphere, provide visa application and issuance, one-on-one entrepreneurial guidance and consultation for a period of one week to three months, assist in establishing relationships with venture capital, investors and entrepreneurial circles, and arrange for entry A popular collaborative space, opportunities to participate in various entrepreneurial activities, and accommodation during the stay.

Investment Environment

Startup Output:
Tel Aviv: 2,200~2,700
International average: 1,762

Early-stage Funding per Startup:
Tel Aviv: 509K USD
International average: 252K USD

Source: 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report

Foster institutions

Co-working space
WeWork: It is currently the world's largest co-working space platform. Most of its spaces are located in Europe and America. The purpose of the establishment is to unite all kinds of companies to cooperate with each other in a common environment, and to provide all kinds of exchange activities and business consulting.

The Library: It is a co-working space for Internet technology and high-tech innovation, located in a library in the center of Tel Aviv. The city government made it a co-working space for entrepreneurs, and because it is a library, it can provide rich knowledge for entrepreneurs to use. Provide 40 start-up companies to settle in and 25 venture capital funds to invest, and regularly handle expert consultation, social activities and other activities.

StartupEast: is a startup accelerator platform and venture capital fund that exchanges between Israel and Asia. At present, physical bases have been established in Tel Aviv, Shanghai and Singapore, and new bases will be opened in Asia. Provide entrepreneurs from both sides to exchange with each other in Israel or Asia, and establish 3 incubation centers in Asia. It is expected that 6 new incubation centers will be established in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Manila and other regions.

StarTAU: It is an innovation and development center established by Tel Aviv University in 2009. It has become the first choice for governments and enterprises to learn from Israel. The development of the center is centered on three major directions: training, assisting startups to develop international opportunities, and community management of startups. The resources of the center are not limited to the students of the school, but are also open to new companies all over the world.

Entrepreneurial activity

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival
DLD is Israel's largest international high-tech, gathering hundreds of startups, venture capital and angel investors from all over the world, as well as large multinational companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, etc., as well as delegations from all over the world. During the one-week event, through participating in lectures, forums and other forms, interacting and learning with Israeli entrepreneurs, leading investors and professionals.

TAU Innovation Conference
TAU Innovation Conference is a unique large-scale international event led by StarTAU, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center and RAMOT Technical Transfer Office. For the fourth consecutive year, it has invited start-ups, professionals, investors, scholars and other entrepreneurs from more than 30 countries to gather for a week of lectures, forums, investment and matchmaking exchanges.

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