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Director of Industry and Development Lin Chongjie to create a new industry for the creative economytitle

The Taipei City Industrial Development Bureau, which is in charge of the capital's people's livelihood economy and industrial development, will be replaced by Lin Chongjie, the current deputy director of the Beijing Urban Development Bureau. With an architectural background, he has become a cross-border economic general, which has surprised many people. In an exclusive interview with this newspaper, Lin Chongjie said that he will make full use of his experience in the promotion of creative cities by the Metropolitan Development Bureau, so that creative talents in different fields can touch each other and have a lot of dialogue, so that the "creative economy" that can be realized by ideas becomes a turning point. The new economic model of Taipei City in the next decade.

Lin Chongjie, Director of Industrial Development of Taipei City. (Photo by reporter Cai Yahua)

Go online now, no honeymoon period

Lin Chongjie, who has been working from the grassroots of the Metropolitan Development Bureau all the way, has served as many mayors such as Huang Dazhou, Chen Shuibian, and Ma Ying-jeou. He is also one of the few remaining officials of the Hao Longbin municipal government team. On the day of the interview, Lin Chongjie listened carefully to the reports of officials from the Bureau of Industry and Development in the office. He was so busy that he forgot the time, and when he saw the reporter, he said, "There is no honeymoon period! Must go online immediately."

Lin Chongjie said that he didn't know Ke Wenzhe, and he never thought about going to the Bureau of Industry and Development. He "changed the runway" at the suggestion of the old officials including the director of the Keban Policy Department Zhang Jingsen and the prospective deputy mayor Lin Qinrong. But this conversion is not unprepared. He has worked in the space department (referring to the Metropolitan Development Bureau) for many years. He has been in contact with business circle counseling very early, and has also participated in market coordination. In recent years, he has promoted creative cities and urban agriculture. "Many people say I was working on the Industry Development Bureau," and now I start from the familiar and unfamiliar field of the Industry Development Bureau.

Cross-border departure, collision with new sparks

"In the past, small and medium-sized enterprises relied on the government to provide land and capital assistance. Now a new economic model is emerging." Lin Chongjie mentioned his "creative economy" concept. For example, there is a person who understands plastics, and the other is chemical research. Those who know how to decompose plastic into seeds in the soil, the two people meet and have a dialogue will produce new things.

He said that what the government has to do is to create this kind of atmosphere, not to fund land. What young people want is "I have sparks with people in different fields and discover new opportunities." He wants to build such an economic platform. Already in operation, but the government has not fully invested yet.

In Lin Chongjie's eyes, Beishi has the best creative talents, who have conditions that other Asian cities do not have. They can find factories within 30 kilometers and test their creative ideas. He believes that this "creative economy" will become a new industry in Taipei in the next decade, and it will shine in Taipei.

Lin Chongjie also pays attention to the issue of youth entrepreneurship. He said that the central government has provided more than 85 subsidies for entrepreneurship counseling, but the young people don’t know that he will integrate into a single online platform within three months so that people can Have a clear understanding of government resources.

Rooftop farm pushes holiday farming market

Humanistic feelings and romantic character also make Lin Chongjie hope to build Beishi into a city with warmth and stories.

He plans to promote holiday farms in remote mountains or communities, and encourages rooftop farms, and promotes various small markets in different fields, making the city "somewhat unexpected"; Shilin Beitou Science and Technology Park and Nangang Software Park "all back "Human nature" requires music and life so that more people are willing to come and attract foreign companies to enter. The traditional market must be modernized, but the valuable relationship of "interaction between people" must be preserved.

In response to the difficult problem of rebuilding the Central South Market, Lin Chongjie said that he is currently studying and will uphold the requirement of Ke P to rebuild one at a time, communicate and dialogue to let everyone understand, and in the future, he will actively seek non-governmental cooperation to help Taipei. city.

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