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Recruitment Brochure for "Taipei Life Design Tide" Design Commodity Exhibition Sale Event 2019/10/23

108-year Taipei City creative and design industry development plan
Recruitment Brochure for "Taipei Life Design Tide" Design Commodity Exhibition Sale Event
1. Purpose:

Taipei has many excellent designer micro-brand creations, and its works have not only won many international awards, but are no less than foreign designers. In order to allow more good designer works to be seen, assist the designers or design teams in this city to build a bridge of interactive experience between designers and consumers, jointly create a high degree of market efficiency, and become the best market for creative designers The stage of communication.

Two, event management:

1. Activity Theme: Taipei Life Design Tide #Cross-domain Design Crosses International
2. Recruitment period: from now until November 7, 108
3. Exhibition time: November 23~24, 108 Saturday and Sunday 11:00~22:00 (Sunday to 21:30)
4. Exhibition location: Urban space on the 8th floor of SOGO Fuxing Pavilion
V. Exhibition size: The display size of each unit is about (100*75 cm2)
Sixth, the manufacturer briefing: Friday, November 15, 108, location: China Productivity Center, Xizhi Office, 2nd Floor, No. 79, Section 1, Xintai 5th Road, Xizhi District, New Taipei City

Participation and event recruitment mechanism:

1. Recruitment time: from now until November 7 (Thursday)
Second, the recruitment of goods:

1. Food, clothing, housing, transportation, entertainment and other people's livelihood related designer original products, and must be retail products or order-produced products, it is expected to recruit 30 items.
2. Priority is given to designers and their works that have cooperated in the promotion of relevant policies of the following industry bureaus:

• Works of applicants of the "Design@ Taipei" counseling case from 107 to 108.
• Participated in the "Taipei Design Award" for domestic designers from 106 to 108, whose commercialized works.
• Works participating in the "Taipei Design Award" business opportunity matchmaking activities over the years.
• Other design commodities counseled by the North City Government Bureau of Industry.

Remarks: Applicants' recommendation ranking is evaluated based on the application content and the above conditions. If the recommended ranking exceeds 30, 2 or 3 channel platform representatives will be invited to do the review and recommendation ranking. The expected invitation list is as follows: SOGO Fuxing Pavilion Sales Department / Big Person Creative life x design good things/Yes. Design u Design/TTV ishopping/Jinshitang Internet Bookstore/Other.

3. Eligibility:

• Designers registered in Taipei City, or companies, firms or factories registered in Taipei City according to law.
• A legal or natural person with a base of creation or operation in Taipei City.
• Designers or teams who have participated in a series of activities related to the Taipei Design Award.

4. Application method: Online application and registration

1. Fill out the online application form and link to http://bit.ly/TPEDshop2
2. Download and sign the "Design Commodities Exhibition Sales Activity II Cutout" and "Personal Data Collection, Processing and Utilization Consent Form".

• Design Commodities Exhibition Sale II Cutbook Download link: http://bit.ly/33ByZZ8
• Consent for collection, processing and use of personal data Download link: http://bit.ly/35AqUp3

3. Mail back the original documents of "Exhibition and Sales Cut-off" and "Personal Power of Attorney"

• Address: 221 2nd Floor, No. 79, Section 1, Xintai 5th Road, Xizhi District, New Taipei City
• Recipient: Ms. Chen Fengjuan or Mr. Wu Yiping from China Productivity Center
• Tel: 02-26982989 extension 01814 or extension 02642

4. Participating in the sale of manufacturers in this event must comply with the content of the SOGO commercial contract terms: example of SOGO conditional agreement

• The sales cash flow adopts the SOGO system, and the SOGO invoices are issued in a unified manner. After the checkout, the SOGO must be deducted into 16% (already negotiated) and the non-cash payment processing fee is 2%. The sales unit (designer) sells The amount will be applied after issuing an invoice based on the sales item inventory account (including tax).
• 16% of SOGO's total sales for each exhibition sales unit (designer) below NT$8,000 (inclusive) will be paid by this project, and sales of over NT$8,000 will be drawn by 16% The selling unit (designer) shall bear its own responsibility.
• The commercial contract with SOGO is signed by the representative of the execution unit (China Productivity Center), and then the execution unit signs the contract with the exhibition sales unit (designer).

5. Rights and obligations:

Applicants' qualifications and commodities are reviewed by the executing unit, and the implementing unit submits a list of recommended exhibition sales qualifications after consolidating the evaluation. The report organizer approves and can participate in the exhibition sales and related joint marketing promotion activities. Those who are eligible to exhibit and sell are required to cooperate with the promotion and implementation of the event, including:

(1) Observe and cooperate with the rules and regulations for on-site exhibition sales and venue use.
(2) The materials for promotion and use are provided free of charge:

1. "logo" and "brand or company name"
2. "Website or fb link"
3. "About 50 words of introduction" and "product image photos or videos"

(3) During the planned marketing activities (expected from November 8 to November 24), cooperate with related joint marketing promotion measures to jointly create business opportunities in Taipei design. Expected marketing channels:

1. Taipei Design Award official website, FB fan group
2. SOGO's various publicity platforms
3. Designer sharing meeting (enterprise group & student group) line group
4. Relevant design community, online celebrity or blogger experience marketing
5. Print and online media information revealed

Lu, event liaison

China Productivity Center
Tel: 02-26982989 ext. 01814 Miss Chen Fengjuan|ext. 02642 Mr. Wu Yiping