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SBIR entrepreneurship concept open audition plan (Star Group)title

I. Plan receipt:

(I) Application method: This plan adopts the online system application system. Paper application materials will not be accepted. To avoid the incomplete application caused by the busy network, please complete the application earlier than the system opening time.
(2) Application date: April 01, 109 (Wednesday) 09:00 to April 15, 109 (Wednesday) 17:30. It is determined according to the time when the application system outputs the delivery number, and no overdue will be accepted.

2. Object of application:

(1) The application company must be a newly-established SME within five years of establishment, that is, the establishment date is from March 1, 104 to February 29, 109, and has not received the Government Entrepreneurship Award since February 28, 108 / For the subsidy plan (Note 1), the team's past relevant R & D performance and experience should be described in the proposal content.
Note 1: Government entrepreneurship counseling resources include the following programs:

SBIR-Entrepreneurship Conception Election Plan-Creative Election (Stage1)
SBIR-Entrepreneurship Conception Selection Plan-Innovation (Stage2)
Executive Yuan National Development Fund Venture Angel Program
Taipei Industrial Development Award Subsidy Program-Startup Subsidy
Little Apple Orchard Nursery Practice Plan
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Program (FITI)
International Entrepreneurship Demonstration Program-Startup Terrace 2018 Selection Awards
 (If the above plan has been implemented, the time for closing the case shall be based on the notification letter of the final payment of the plan)

Explanation of review methods:

(I) Star group:

The two-stage review mechanism of written preliminary review and brief review is adopted to select the winners based on the results of the written preliminary review. The winners will be announced on the Small and Medium Business Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the official website of the SBIR project and the FB fan club. At the same time, the brief review time will be notified by email. Without notice.
Briefing Review Date: Mid and Late May (tentative)
Venue for review of briefings: The principle is based on the North District, and the actual location is mainly based on the announcement of the organizer.
※ This year's entrepreneurial concept sea selection plan (Rookie Team) is expected to announce relevant submission information in May 109. Please pay attention to the SBIR official website information.

Application Notes.pdf

For more information, please go to: https://www.sbir.org.tw/download_maxchoice