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Good social enterprise in Taipei! Recruitment of Beishi Social Enterprise Counseling Program (from now until June 19 for registration)title

Distributor: Technology Industry Service Center
Date of publication: June 4, 109
Contact Person: Director Xu Jianhui
Contact number: 02-27208889 ext. 6589

This (109) year is affected by the new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic. It is expected that the global industrial chain will undergo drastic changes in the future. A group of "social enterprises" that use business models to solve environmental and social problems are poised to take off. The North City Industrial Development Bureau today (4) Announced that the "Taipei City Social Enterprise Promotion Service Plan-Taipei Good Social Enterprise Taipei SElect" officially started. This plan will select 10 social enterprise teams to help social enterprises strengthen their management. In addition, they will connect previous social enterprise partners and large enterprises. Participate in matchmaking and work together to expand positive social influence and make Taipei a good social enterprise.

Director of the Industry Bureau Lin Chongjie, the Industry Bureau has promoted this project since the year 104. So far, it has counseled 60 social enterprises. Every year, through the selection mechanism, it is looking for social enterprises that meet the spirit of "Taipei SElect". This year will focus on Assisting social enterprises develop the ability to cope with the post-epidemic era, and the professional social enterprise counseling team will provide customized counseling based on the social enterprise's operating physique and development stage.

In addition, under the influence of the epidemic, the overall environmental and economic austerity, whether it is a social enterprise or enterprise, must increase consumer confidence in them to overcome the difficulties. Therefore, this year, a "warm" that allows social enterprises and large enterprises to cooperate with each other is designed. "Heart Innovation Challenge", which allows social enterprise partners to expand their social influence through the power of "community co-creation", and will introduce at least three large-scale enterprise business cooperation resources to help match social enterprises to expand the consumer market and jointly use more permanently. Continue to plan to build a more complete industrial environment.

The project will accept applications from now until 17:00 on June 19th. Social enterprises registered in this city are welcome to sign up for selection. For more information about social enterprise activities, please close the Startup@Taipei website of this bureau ( https://www.startup.taipei/) and the FB fan page of "North City Council Industrial Development Bureau-Startup Taipei Start Up Taipei". If you have any questions, please call the KPMG Social Enterprise Service Team of the executive unit, contact (02) 8101-6666 extension 18233 Miss Wu.

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