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The 17th National Innovation Award application beginstitle

Light up the key for innovation to enter the market and connect the domestic and foreign innovation ecological industry chain in series

The core value of the National Innovation Award is to allow companies, institutions and scientific research teams that are committed to innovation and R&D to be seen! As the highest index award for domestic biomedicine and general health research and development achievements, the National Innovation Award for 16 years has seen the outstanding domestic research and development momentum, and also saw the new pattern of industry turnover driven by innovative technology!

Eligibility and category

Enterprise Innovation Award:

Any domestic registered company with innovative R&D technologies, products, characteristic services or business models that meet the application category can apply regardless of the R&D process.

International Innovation Award:

Any foreign or international enterprise in Taiwan with innovative R&D technology, products, special services or business models that meet the application category, regardless of the R&D process, can apply.

Startup Award:

Any company that has been registered and established in China within three years and has a capital of less than NT$80 million, is engaged in the relevant application category industry, and has technological innovation competitiveness and the potential for commercial development, can apply for the competition with the company itself as the target. One by one.

Entry schedule:

4/1-7/15 application accepted

For details, please see https://innoaward.taiwan-healthcare.org/enter.php