::: 2020.05.13 Registration for the 2020 Communications Contest begins, the era of smart networking 5G is coming, international teams participate in the battle, together with innovation to turn the future (registration extended to June 12) – Startup@Taipei

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Registration for the 2020 Communications Contest begins, the era of smart networking 5G is coming, international teams participate in the battle, together with innovation to turn the future (registration extended to June 12)title

Participating in the communication competition, and then getting orders from major manufacturers or going to the international market, there have been many successful cases, and the Mobileheroes 2020 communication competition has begun to register. The communication competition for the 19th year has been held, and the international competition has been launched this year. This year’s competition includes the Connected Future Challenge, CONNECTIVITY INNOVATION AWARDS, 5G multi-antenna system innovation design competition, and 5G pilot innovation application competition. As long as you have an idea of ​​smart networking applications or smart city applications, you can create innovative services with market value. , Welcome to cross-field team to participate, let the communication contest help you to fight the world together.

In recent years, the communication competitions have focused on smart networking applications and smart cities, creating a platform for Taiwanese entrepreneurs and students to communicate and cooperate with the industry. This year, the international competition CONNECTIVITY INNOVATION AWARDS was launched for the first time, which will be used throughout the international competition. In English, the Taiwanese team can also choose to participate in the war. The international competition allows teams from different countries to join the telecommunications competition to communicate with local teams, giving Taiwanese teams the opportunity and resources to go international, and also allowing Taiwan’s industry to gain more diversified creative ideas.

Become famous in World War I! 8 reasons to participate in the ``2020 Communication Competition''
The telecommunications competition has entered its 19th year. It is a competition that the industry attaches great importance to. With high prize money and abundant resources, it can be said that it is the first choice for telecommunications competition.
The total bonus is more than 4 million, and the highest bonus is 900,000. Fighting for bonuses also strives for more opportunities.
Pay attention to implementation and future development planning, organize and refine your ideas through the competition, and let the judges return valuable opinions.
Communicate with other contestants to expand their horizons, stimulate more creativity, and have the opportunity to become partners in the future.
The judging panel includes people from the business community and introduces their work to senior executives of many large factories at one time.
Sponsors play really! In addition to recruiting talents, I also hope to find business partners who actually cooperate.
Provide nurturing resources during the competition, so that your ideas can be implemented as commodities with market value.
Every year, a team gets more exposure opportunities and links to more resources after participating in the competition, and then succeeds in starting a business.
Learn about the "Communication Competition" from the four characteristics
Since the telecommunications competition was held in 2002, the theme of the competition has been set based on the pulse of industrial development, bringing together new ideas in hardware, software, design, service, and business models, and introducing campus and social innovation energy into the telecommunications industry. It has historically cultivated more than 10,000 People’s outstanding students and social figures.

You can quickly understand the connotation of the communications competition from the following "four characteristics":

A new competition theme is launched every year in accordance with the development pulse of the information and communications industry. This year's theme is smart networking and 5G. Both the consumer market and the corporate market are a blue ocean. Creative and practical will have the opportunity to occupy a place in the market.
Sponsored by the Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and supported by many well-known companies, more than 20 well-known companies and organizations will provide bonuses and various counseling resources this year.
Connecting diverse opportunities by participating in the communications competition, including increased exposure, talent employment, industry-university cooperation, entrepreneurship training, industry investment, business opportunity matching, international integration, and so on.
The industry needs new ideas, and the communication competition allows the team to communicate with the industry face to face, show their strength, and create business opportunities for cooperation.
All sponsoring companies have a backing
In addition to sponsoring companies providing bonuses, each company will also have high-level executives actually participating in the competition, serving as judges or professional teachers, so participants can use this opportunity to understand the thinking of the industry and get valuable suggestions. Of course, the most important thing is more follow-up matching and Opportunities for cooperation. The sponsors and partners of the 2020 Communication Competition are as follows:

Chunghwa Telecom, Qualcomm, Taiwan Big Brother, Asia Pacific Telecom, BenQ Competition, Cisco Taiwan, FarEasTone Telecom, Huadian Networking, Renko Technology, IoT Intelligent Manufacturing Base, UnaBiz, Yaoden Technology, MediaTek, Lianteng Technology, Inventec Group, Taijun Technology, Chuansheng, Qiqi Technology, Compal Computer, Quanta Computer, Pegatron United Technology, Industrial Technology Research Institute, etc.

The 2020 Communication Contest is divided into the following four competitions. You can go directly to the official website from the link below, or you can continue to read down to learn more about the Communication Contest.

Connected Future Challenge
5G Multi-antenna System Innovation Design Competition
5G pilot innovative application competition

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