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April 26th every year is World Intellectual Property Day, and it is a festival dedicated to patent attorneys. As a national professional organization, the Patent Attorneys Association spares no effort to promote and utilize intellectual property rights in China. To strengthen the concept of intellectual property rights, in addition to hoping that patent attorneys can establish a foothold in Taiwan and go to the international community, it is also hoped that the benefits of the intellectual property rights system can be extended to all levels of our country.

WIPO announced this year's theme as "IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future". Young entrepreneurs are the future of the world and the force for the future of this era. Their imagination and creativity for the future are based on the accumulated inheritance of the times. We are obliged to provide a comprehensive field for young creators to give full play to their creativity and encourage their action and imagination.

In order to strengthen young entrepreneurs' awareness of intellectual property rights and knowledge of intellectual property management, this symposium is specially planned this year, and it is planned to take this opportunity to allow young entrepreneurs to have a deep understanding of their intellectual property in the early stage of their business, and to integrate their intellectual property. planning to promote the innovative development of new industries.