::: 2022.05.11 The 5th MISA (Taipei Class) – Startup@Taipei

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The 5th MISA (Taipei Class)title

In order to assist SMEs in upgrading and transforming and expanding their operating scale, the Industrial Development Bureau will provide part of the space on the 4th floor of the Neihu Science and Technology Park Service Building for SMEs’ business management, transformation and upgrading consulting, coaching customized services, and building knowledge, learning, sharing and exchange. The field of platforms.

After the public bidding, the China Business Intelligence Sharing Association entered MISA, and invited more than 40 corporate leaders and managers of important domestic listed cabinet companies to serve as corporate academicians. The economic class serves the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provides the management knowledge required for the transformation and growth period, such as management and strategic thinking, to assist the stable development or scale growth of enterprise operations.

Chuanzhi College provides 6 preferential quotas for enterprise economics classes (students pay NT$33,000) to give back to small and medium-sized enterprises in this city.