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How do I set up a social group (association)?


You can ask the Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government.(https://english.dosw.gov.taipei/)


Can I apply for an entrepreneur visa in the name of a team?


Yes. Entrepreneur visas can be applied for in the name of an individual or in the name of a team. The number of people applying in the name of a team is limited to 3 people.


Dose the funding of the incentives & subsidies program include the cost of entrusting an accountant to handle the company's accounts?


No, please refer to the principles and verification criteria of accounting for each project.


Is there a minimum capital restriction for establishing a company?


According to the company law, therer is not any minimum capital restriction for establishing a company. If the accountant verifies that the amount of capital is sufficient to cover the cost of establishment, anyone can establish a company.


What is the application period for "Startup subsidy", "R&D subsidy" and "Branding subsidy" ?


Companies applying for "Startup subsidy" must be registered in Taipei within one year, while applying for "R&D subsidy" and "Branding subsidy" must be set up for more than one year.


Do I need to attach the attendance record to verify the personnel expenses of the SITI?


Yes. It must be accompanied by attendance record, proof of labor insurance and documents proving the amount of salary payment.


Must the registered place be the same as the place of business?


The place of registration of the company or bank number is the central area of commercial legal relations. For example, the settlement of debts, the jurisdiction of litigation, and the service of pleadings are based on the place of residence. There is no place for registration of business-related laws and regulations that is consistent with the actual place of business conduct It is stipulated that, if the business place is of a branch nature (there is an account for calculating surplus losses and financial accounting is independent), the branch registration must be performed in accordance with the law.


Due to the impact of Covid-19, what is the content of the Beijing Municipal Government's financing loan relief plan?


1. From March 1st to August 31st, 2020, the loan interest rate will be reduced by 0.25%, and the municipal government will subsidize the interest by another 1%, and the total interest will be reduced by 1.25%.
2. The original borrower does not need to apply again, and the government will subsidize 1% of the interest fee during the period.
3. During this period, those who apply for a loan amount of less than 1.2 million can be exempted from filling in the business plan, quick loan approval, three-month principal grace period, and enjoy interest rate reduction (0.25%) and subsidized interest (1%) at the same time.