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Can the building be used as a place of business?


1. According to the current "Regulations on Road Traffic Management Penalties" and "Taipei Urban Road Management Rules", riding towers and sidewalks are not allowed to be business locations of street vendors without permission.
2. Violators will be prosecuted and banned by the Taipei City Government Police Department in accordance with the "Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations".
If you have other related questions, please contact the Street Vendor and Underground Street Management Division of Taipei Market Office at (02) 2322-4884.


How to enter Taipei, the front of the station and the Longshan Temple Underground Street to operate the store?


Taipei, Zhanqian, and Longshan Temple Underground Street shops (B1 shopping malls) are leased for use by companies or businesses made up of resettlement households. Individual applications for leased shops are not accepted. If necessary, counters can be set up to operate. Interested parties are welcome to call the following units:
1. Taipei Underground Street: Guarantee responsibility The Taipei Underground Street venue uses cooperatives. Tel: (02) 2559-4566 ext. 504.
2. Underground street in front of the station: guarantee the responsibility of using the cooperative in the underground street in front of the station in Taipei City. Tel: (02) 2375-1567 ext. 20.
3. Longshan Temple Underground Street: Administrative Center of Longshan Temple Underground Shopping Center, Tel: (02) 2306-5988 ext. 21.