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How do I register a business or business that I open an online store or sell online?


The so-called online store refers to the sale of goods through the virtual channel of the Internet, and the online marketing, direct sales or store shelf sales methods are the means of marketing channels. If the retail business has been operated as a storefront and the products are sold through online marketing, applying for business registration is no different from a general store, and its business items depend on which products are sold. If you use non-traditional retail methods to operate retail products using electronic media such as mail and radio, television, and the Internet, you should register as "F399040 Storeless Retail."


I have already registered with the IRS for business registration with a uniform number of profit business. Why do I need to register for business or company?


1. Article 2 of the Business Registration Rules stipulates that, in the case of a new establishment, another establishment due to a merger, the establishment due to transfer, the establishment of a change of organization, and the establishment of a branch, etc., the supervisor shall be levied before the commencement of business. The agency applies for business registration. The purpose of business registration is to establish taxation. The uniform number of the profit business is verified by the tax donation collection agency for the business registration office it manages. It does not mean that the business registration or company registration has been completed at the same time.
2. According to Article 4 of the Business Registration Law: "Except as provided in Article 5, a business shall not be established without being registered by the competent authority of the place where the business is located." Article 31 states: "Under the establishment of a business in the name of a business or For other legal actors, the competent authority in the place where the business is located shall order the actor to complete the registration within a time limit; those who fail to complete the term shall be punished by NT $ 10,000 to NT $ 50,000 and may be punished consecutively. " Article 6 of the Company Law states: "A company may not be established without being registered with the central competent authority." Article 19 states: "Without registration, no business or other legal act may be conducted in the name of the company. Violations of the provisions of the preceding paragraph The person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of less than one year, detained or subject to a fine of NT $ 150,000 and a civil liability; if the actor has two or more persons, he shall be jointly and severally liable for civil liability, and the competent authority shall be prohibited from using the company name. Therefore, if it is not a small-scale business listed in Article 5 of the Business Registration Law, please do not start business before the business registration is completed. If it is a company organization, it must not operate without registration. Anti-the aforementioned provisions.