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How to repay the loan after the application for SME financing is approved?


Those who have been reviewed and approved by the review team must provide the same number of repayment notes from the borrower, business or guarantor according to the approved amortization period (if 60 periods are approved, please prepare 60 checks). If there is a check issue, Taipei Fubon Bank has dedicated staff to assist in handling.


What should I do if I am unable to pay off or fail to repay on time due to business operations?


In the event of the above, it is recommended that the undertaking financial institution should be proactively notified to facilitate subsequent assistance in handling the repayment method.


Where can I get the loan information and application form?


If you need it, please call 1999 #6616 or #1229.


How to enter Taipei, the front of the station and the Longshan Temple Underground Street to operate the store?


Taipei, Zhanqian, and Longshan Temple Underground Street shops (B1 shopping malls) are leased for use by companies or businesses made up of resettlement households. Individual applications for leased shops are not accepted. If necessary, counters can be set up to operate. Interested parties are welcome to call the following units:
1. Taipei Underground Street: Guarantee responsibility The Taipei Underground Street venue uses cooperatives. Tel: (02) 2559-4566 ext. 504.
2. Underground street in front of the station: guarantee the responsibility of using the cooperative in the underground street in front of the station in Taipei City. Tel: (02) 2375-1567 ext. 20.
3. Longshan Temple Underground Street: Administrative Center of Longshan Temple Underground Shopping Center, Tel: (02) 2306-5988 ext. 21.


Under what circumstances will the interest subsidy for this loan be cancelled?


If the business operated by the lender has the following circumstances, the Bureau of Industry will stop the interest subsidy and notify the lender and the lending financial institution that the interest after the subsidy ceases will be borne by the lender:

(1) Closure or closure of business.
(2) The registered address moves out of this city.
(3) Failure to amortize the loan principal on a monthly basis.
(4) Change the person in charge or representative of the first category application.
(5) After the loan is issued, the time limit and repayment method shall be adjusted with the undertaking financial institution.


Are there any industry restrictions for applying for this loan?


According to regulations, the person in charge or legal representative of the financial and insurance industry, coal mining industry or special entertainment industry cannot apply for this loan. Anyone in the above-mentioned industries can apply for this loan.


What documents should be attached to apply for SME financing loan?


For relevant information and application forms (forms), please go to Taipei Citizen's e-dotcom or Taipei City Financing and Loan Application Website to download electronic files for use.


How to determine the small-scale business referred to in this loan? What are the industries involved?


Small-scale businesses refer to those who are exempt from registration in this city in accordance with Article 5 of the Business Registration Law.