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What is the focus of the review of SME financing loans?


This loan is set up by the Taipei City SME Financing Loan Review Team by the Bureau of Industry to review the applicant’s qualifications, financial structure, use of funds, business conditions, industry prospects, loan quota, loan period and grace period, etc., and passed the review In case of such cases, the Industrial Development Bureau will issue a notice of approval.


Can the loan application be used to repay loans borrowed from other financial institutions?


The purpose of this loan is limited to the purchase of factory buildings, business premises, machinery, equipment or operating turnover funds, etc., and cannot be used to repay loans borrowed from other financial institutions.


What is the time limit for applying for a loan from the bank after the SME financing loan is approved and the approval notice is issued?


Applicants should apply for loan guarantee with the lending financial institution-Taipei Fubon Bank within three months from the day after the delivery of the approval notice. If the approval is not processed within the time limit, the approval notice will lose its validity and the applicant may apply to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce Reapply.


Are there any industry restrictions for applying for this loan?


According to regulations, the person in charge or legal representative of the financial and insurance industry, coal mining industry or special entertainment industry cannot apply for this loan. Anyone in the above-mentioned industries can apply for this loan.


How to repay the loan after the application for SME financing is approved?


Those who have been reviewed and approved by the review team must provide the same number of repayment notes from the borrower, business or guarantor according to the approved amortization period (if 60 periods are approved, please prepare 60 checks). If there is a check issue, Taipei Fubon Bank has dedicated staff to assist in handling.


What should I do if I am unable to pay off or fail to repay on time due to business operations?


In the event of the above, it is recommended that the undertaking financial institution should be proactively notified to facilitate subsequent assistance in handling the repayment method.


Where can I get the loan information and application form?


If you need it, please call 1999 #6616 or #1229.