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Must the registered place be the same as the place of business?


The place of registration of the company or bank number is the central area of commercial legal relations. For example, the settlement of debts, the jurisdiction of litigation, and the service of pleadings are based on the place of residence. There is no place for registration of business-related laws and regulations that is consistent with the actual place of business conduct It is stipulated that, if the business place is of a branch nature (there is an account for calculating surplus losses and financial accounting is independent), the branch registration must be performed in accordance with the law.


Due to the impact of Covid-19, what is the content of the Beijing Municipal Government's financing loan relief plan?


1. From March 1st to August 31st, 2020, the loan interest rate will be reduced by 0.25%, and the municipal government will subsidize the interest by another 1%, and the total interest will be reduced by 1.25%.
2. The original borrower does not need to apply again, and the government will subsidize 1% of the interest fee during the period.
3. During this period, those who apply for a loan amount of less than 1.2 million can be exempted from filling in the business plan, quick loan approval, three-month principal grace period, and enjoy interest rate reduction (0.25%) and subsidized interest (1%) at the same time.


How do I know if my business location meets the company registration requirements?


Since January 1, 2020, the Taipei City Government has established an online system. As long as you enter the address and business scope, you can apply to check whether it meets the requirements of company registration and construction management.
Website: http://www.businesslocationinfo.gov.taipei/BLBQS/


What is the focus of the review of SME financing loans?


This loan is set up by the Taipei City SME Financing Loan Review Team by the Bureau of Industry to review the applicant’s qualifications, financial structure, use of funds, business conditions, industry prospects, loan quota, loan period and grace period, etc., and passed the review In case of such cases, the Industrial Development Bureau will issue a notice of approval.


How to determine the small-scale business referred to in this loan? What are the industries involved?


Small-scale businesses refer to those who are exempt from registration in this city in accordance with Article 5 of the Business Registration Law.


Where can I get the loan information and application form?


If you need it, please call 1999 #6616 or #1229.


Can the loan application be used to repay loans borrowed from other financial institutions?


The purpose of this loan is limited to the purchase of factory buildings, business premises, machinery, equipment or operating turnover funds, etc., and cannot be used to repay loans borrowed from other financial institutions.


What is the time limit for applying for a loan from the bank after the SME financing loan is approved and the approval notice is issued?


Applicants should apply for loan guarantee with the lending financial institution-Taipei Fubon Bank within three months from the day after the delivery of the approval notice. If the approval is not processed within the time limit, the approval notice will lose its validity and the applicant may apply to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce Reapply.