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Taipei City University of Science and Technology

Taipei City University of Science and Technology


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Governing unit:Taipei City University of Science and Technology

Area:No space provided



Address:No.2, Xueyuan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City


Development features
To integrate the resources from various industries, the officials and related schools, and to cope with the technological and economic development trend of the nation, this Office has made every effort possible to promote and reward teacher and student performance, especially about projects, papers, patents, competitions, certificates, research studies and extracurricular interns.

Cooperation between Schools and Industries
To emphasize the importance of both theoretical and practical experience, this Office has aggressively made contact with other schools as well as with various industries in cultivating technical professionals and promoting the level of skills among industries. By making our great efforts, our abilities of research and development can be enhanced significantly.

Practical Training and Placement
To smoothen the placement stage right after the graduation, we have helped students organize various career planning steps according to their own academic programs and grades, so that students will have better acknowledgement toward professional cultures and clearer self-awareness. Right before the graduation, a full range of workplace speeches, seminars and on-campus recruitment activities are held to assist students for better preparations.

Alumni Services
To connect the alumni's cohesion, activities like conferences, meetings, and various services are provided to strengthen the heart -to- heart feelings with TPCU for better tomorrow. 

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