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Center for Innovation Taipei(CIT)

Center for Innovation Taipei(CIT)


Innovation Bases supported by Taipei City Government

Governing unit:Plan B

Area:2233 square meter



Address:No.1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City


CIT is a space more suitable for development in our times.

Office space is where we consistently exercise our brain to accomplish great tasks. In modern times, people spend most of their time in office space, which thus influences our brain development. We believe that “Like industry and business, office space should evolve consistently”; the birth of an innovative office space marks opportunities to change the society. So here comes CIT. CIT offers innovative office space to tickle the curiosity of its members from all industries, to stimulate competitive interactions within them, and to carve out a sustainable future for our times and society.

We offer

[ Office unit ]
Long-term office spaces (40 to 105 square meters) to organizations or companies from all industries.

[ Coworking space ]
Cooperated with 混hun, the coworking space offers hot desks, independent desks and glass cubicles for freelancers or startups to rent in daily/ monthly/ annually terms

[ Maker space ]
Fablab Taipei will be settled in CIT, offering tools, equipments and materials for maker communities.

[ lobby ]
An open space (300 square meters) where all kinds of events and activities can be held.


CIT is located at the west wing of formal Zhongshan Soccer Stadium (1 Yumen St.), a complex that has been used as gymnasium, resource distribution center, soccer stadium and exhibition hall of Taipei Flora Expo. Inheriting the spirit of “complex development”, CIT not only conserves the formal construction but also integrates with innovative elements.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.