::: POPOP TAIPEI – Startup@Taipei




Working Spaces supported by Taipei City Government


Governing unit:GIS Group(集思國際會議顧問有限公司)

Area:3504 square meters




Address:No.13, Sec. 2, Nangang Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City


The Taipei Manufacturing Office of the bottle cap factory focuses on innovation and self-manufacturing. It will inherit the craftsmanship, adhere to the spirit of quality and pursue innovation, shape the field of hands-on and practice innovative experience, and spread the staff through dialogue and exchanges such as self-made experience and interactive exhibition Spirit and sustainable value. Building A1 in the park will set up the nation's first publicly-run demonstration field for new entrepreneurial business to assist the new entrepreneurial team to accelerate the commercialization of technology and products, and enhance the chance of success after entering the market.

The bottle cap factory Taipei Manufacturing is designed to link the spirit of the maker with the power of design, with special emphasis on the concept of "experiment, adventure, parent-child education and environmental recycling", which will be demonstrated in the future through curation, event management and brand entry. The co-working space and self-made space in Building I are the core areas of the park. In conjunction with the opening event, the exhibitions in Building B and Building F also incorporate design and environmental recycling issues, bringing in STEAM education to show a new teaching model of civic awareness, and look forward to implementing it through the exhibition Design Maker and Design for SDGs achieve the goal of promoting visitors’ self-reflection and further change, making the bottle cap factory Taipei Manufacturing Office a truly sustainable practice field for design and experimentation, and implementing Taipei’s vision of becoming a sustainable city for migration .

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