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SongYan Creative Hub

SongYan Creative Hub


Maker Space


Governing unit:SongYan Creative Hub

Area:879 sq. meters



Address:No. 133, Guangfu S. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City


The SongShan Cultural and Creative Park is a co-creation base from originality to internationalization; it is also an innovative platform for cultivating talents and linking resources. Since the founding of the SongYan Creative Hub in 2016, we have nourished the stationed brands to achieve growth, and through the use of multinational resources, brands reach out to engage in exchanges and dialogues with multinational creators. Taiwan’s originality is in turn promoted globally to the world.

The SongYan Creative Hub optimize an brand creative ecosystem, directly combining creativity and market verification. Stationed brands can acquire a substantial verification space and production equipment and co-organized exhibition resources, directly identified consumers’ needs to improve product defects. Creativity was in turn realized to enhance exposure opportunities, achieve economies of scale and take a broad view of international markets. Through its strategic partnership with the American Innovation Center, the SongYan Creative Hub will also provide information and classes focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, digitalization, culture, and design. The Creative Hub also provide digital tools for users to develop mock-ups and expand their creative (and productive) capacity.

The SongYan Creative Hub provides multiple assistance such as counseling, channel expansion international exchanges, connects partners, and fosters brand cross-border cooperation. We hope the unhindered circulation of original concepts and putting creative boundaries into practice.

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