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2022 Annual Cultural Innovation Accelerator Implementation Plan

In order to fully respond to the current industrial situation and needs of cultural content providers, our institute plans the "2022 Cultural Innovation Accelerator Implementation Plan" to help cultural content providers inject business thinking into their businesses. "Key Points of the 2022 Cultural Innovation Accelerator Implementation Plan" provides various resources such as entrepreneurship coaching training courses, professional consultation, community exchange activities for new startups, support funds, multi-fund matchmaking, and docking with international platforms to encourage cultural creativity and innovation. Content and other related industries, assist in entering the international market, and hope to drive the momentum of private investment and create a new trend of "cultural innovation".


2022/4/19 (Tue.) Publicity Session of National Development Fund Direct Investment Program

In line with the national industrial development strategy, "National Development Fund Direct Investment" invests in industrial innovation, high-tech development, energy and resource regeneration, green energy industry, technology introduction, and other important businesses or plans related to increasing industrial efficiency or improving industrial structure. The "National Development Fund Direct Investment Program Introduction" promotion session will introduce the application rules and implementation procedures for applying for the National Development Fund's investment. Welcome to register!


TAITRA x AMAZON Seminar on E-commerce Trends in Industrial Clusters in Taiwan

This seminar will share the content of the exclusive e-commerce trend report, Taiwan Economic and Trade Network and TA Star Chain project guidance content on the theme of industrial settlements, and will invite successful sellers in industries related to the theme of industrial settlements to share their experience in digital transformation, as well as experienced professionals E-commerce operation experts share the secrets of selling products, and help industry players use cross-border e-commerce platforms to expand overseas markets through multiple channels.


SelectUSA Taiwan In-Market MedTech Pitch Day

The Commerce Department of AIT will join hands with Taiwan Bio-Industry Development Association, Taiwan Industrial Technology Innovation Association, Linkou Innovation Park, Deloitte and Ziyu Co., Ltd. to hold the "SelectUSA Taiwan In- Market MedTech Pitch Day".

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