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"The 3rd Brand Golden Ship Award" Solicitation Conference of the National Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China

In order to promote the city’s corporate brand and promote the export of Taiwan’s 30 trillion service industry to the international market, through the "Brand Golden Ship Award" selection plan, Asian high-quality service industry brands were selected to assist private enterprises in finding international outlets, and at the same time, with domestic and foreign capital The market has obtained capital investment, innovated to create a new model of BIT (Brand In Taiwan) export authorization, with the goal of Taiwanese brand "Tide into Asia and link the world", and develop Taiwan's service industry into a world-competitive Asian Silicon Valley ecosystem.


12/16 Taipei City subsidized start-up teams to participate in entrepreneurial projects overseas. Sharing session for subsidized teams

This year, due to the global impact of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, not only the restrictions on travel abroad, social distancing and other epidemic prevention measures, but also the difficulty for Xinchuang to operate in overseas markets, it also severely damaged the economy and disrupted the rhythm of social operations. In order to widely convey the meaning of this plan, a sharing and briefing session will be held to invite the Taipei City Import and Export Association and previous subsidized teams to show their views on how to manage international customers and spread domestic development under the influence of the epidemic, turning the crisis into a turning point Experience sharing to assist the startup team to go international.


Government issues, industry solutions, the second wave of "Taipei Smart City 1+7 Field Proposal" starts

Reopen the case, new innovations gathered! Taipei City’s "Second 1+7 Smart Field Project in 2020" will be officially announced on November 16th in the project area on the Smart Taipei website. Government issues will be resolved by you! In addition, in order to allow the industry to understand the content and implementation of the proposal, the "Second 1+7 Smart Field Proposal Industry Briefing Conference in 2020" was held on November 26, which was promoted by the Taipei City Smart City 1+7 field The group representatives explained the content of this proposal, and welcomed all industry-university-research units to participate in the grand event.

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