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2022 Taipei Startup Base Festival EXPO StartUP

The Taipei City Government has been promoting the policy of new industries for a long time, and has taken various supporting measures to create themed innovation spaces and diversified funding channels. In order to let the public better understand the characteristics of Taipei City's industries and the environment of the base, the first session will be held from August 6th to 8th. "2022 Taipei New Innovation Base Festival EXPO StartUP".


2022 Asia Biotechnology Exhibition Taipei Biotechnology Museum

"Innovative Medical Materials", "Smart Medicine", "Cell Therapy", "Applied Biotechnology" four themed areas, plus this year's 2022 Taipei Biotechnology Award shortlisted winners exhibition area, wonderful and diverse exhibition content, welcome to visit Come to interact and visit.


August 8, 2022 StartUP Day

The "STARTUP TAIPEI White Paper" gathers the Taipei City Government's policies and measures on innovation and entrepreneurship in recent years, exposes the development and future prospects of Taipei City's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and provides a reference for entrepreneurs and nurturing related industries to develop in Taipei.

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