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Startup Exchange Sharing Session "Catering Entrepreneurship Ecology After Covid-19"

Catering Entrepreneurship Ecology After Covid-19


Procurement subsidies for 2022 startups products and services

Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) encourages startups to explore the government market, and also encourages the government to experience the results of Startups in the performance of official duties and the ability to serve the people, so the plan is announced, when local governments purchase startups products or services can receive subsidies.


Taipei Innovation Summit 2021

Taipei Innovation Summit brings together international startups and multinational corporations to discuss the future of emerging technologies in Taipei. This summit is a two-day online program that includes keynote speeches, fireside chats, and mentor matchmaking. The morning of the two-day program will focus on an online forum with two keynote speakers from a multinational corporation and an international startup, followed by a panel discussion with both corporate and startup panelists. The afternoon of the two-day program will focus on mentor matchmaking between pre-screened startup founders and mentors from the Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub. The following forum agenda includes the overall themes, session formats, and topics for the two-day program.


Startup Exchange Sharing Session "Talking about Enterprise and Startup"

Share how companies and startups coexist mutually beneficially and accelerate growth.

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