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2020 Taiwan New Ecosystem Surveytitle

In the 2019 New Venture Survey, by retrieving 412 online questionnaires and in-depth interviews with 24 senior partners from North, Central, South, and Taiwan’s new startup team, Chuang Yu, and Zicheng United Certified Public Accountants, the annual theme “New Internationalization” "Road" and "Entrepreneurship Spirit and Ability Development" to explore the possibilities of exploring and integrating the resources of the new ecosystem in the future. In terms of revenue performance:

28% have revenue and profit, 53% have revenue but still lose money, and 19% have no revenue; 78% of Taiwan’s startups see internationalization as an important development goal for the next three years; 60% of startups It has not yet started to recruit/train international talents. In addition, 47% of the main equity of the startups (the first pot of gold) comes from the entrepreneur’s own funds, and fundraising is also the first in the ranking of the biggest challenges of the initial startups.

This year's 2020 survey will focus on key topics such as "enterprise cooperation", "start-up fundraising preparations" and "women's entrepreneurship". We sincerely invite you to fill out the questionnaire, in order to reflect the current situation through the survey results and in-depth discussion of possible development trends and solutions Program.

Survey period: From now until 18:00 on May 16, 2020 (Saturday).
Respondents: are preparing for entrepreneurship, and start-ups within five years of company establishment.
Link to the 2020 Chuangxin University survey questionnaire: https://reurl.cc/WdEDxk