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"Government issues, industry problem solving" 1+7 Smart Area Recruitment Areatitle

With the impact of increasing urban population and global warming, urban housing and governance are facing new challenges, and the development of smart cities has become an important issue. The Taipei City Government Information Bureau and the Taipei Smart City Project Office, referring to the international benchmark city practice and the implementation progress in the province, have proposed to promote the "smart building", "smart transportation", and "smart" with the "smart government" as the main body. Education, "smart health", "smart security", "smart environment", and "smart economy" seven areas, at the same time set up 1+7 field smart city promotion group to accelerate the development of smart city in Taipei.

Starting this year, under the concept of "government issues, industry solutions", Beishifu will put forward demands from various fields, and seek innovative solutions through the "Taipei City Smart City Industry Pilot Project". After the outsourcing case and the implementation of the experimental project, the empirical results will be reviewed and evaluated by the Smart City Promotion Group in various fields, and whether internal and external experts can refine the expansion to form a policy, and accelerate the trial project to effectively land.


The application period for this field is from April 30 to May 29, 109. The manufacturer can write a proposal based on the requirements of the following bureaus and submit the proposal to the Taipei Smart City Project Office.

The Taipei Smart City Project Office will first conduct a written review, and then submit it to the teams in various fields for discussion and decision to be selected. The review results are scheduled to be announced on June 22, 109. After the announcement of the review results, the Office of Recruitment and the selected vendors will carry out site coordination, site survey, finalization of the planning book, etc. After the signing of the cooperation contract, the selected vendors will be built and verified according to each trial case schedule, and the opportunities will be evaluated after the completion of the project.

Through the smart city to promote the professional and institutionalized operation of the group, it is expected that the top-down policy driving force and the bottom-up non-governmental collaborative resources will be effectively converged, so that the smart city promotion policy and empirical projects will be quenched by experts inside and outside the city. Chain, and can be implemented after the Smart City Committee review.

1+7 field promotion mechanism description:

Introduction of the case collection process and annual schedule:

Overview of demand for investigation in various fields:

Taipei City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy Description:

Cooperative manufacturers must abide by the additional terms of personal data protection:

1+7 Smart Area Recruitment Area (including application instructions):
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