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Soochow Co-Site

Soochow Co-Site


Breeding center


Governing unit:Soochow University

Area:2 discussion rooms, 1 meeting room and 32 co-working space seats



Address:No.56, Sec. 1, Guiyang St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City


Soochow Co-Site, a center for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship education, was formally opened in a press conference on May 11, 2018. In accordance with its mission of “fostering creativity, encouraging innovation, and cultivating an entrepreneurial climate,” Soochow Co-Site holds diverse events to help students acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, develop creative thinking and skills, ands cultivate a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Soochow Co-Site, built in 2004, is located in Youyi Plaza(游藝廣場) at the Downtown Campus. The name Youyi Plaza (meaning wandering in the arts) was derived from Shu Er, The Analects: “To aspire after the Way, hold firm to virtue, lean upon human-heartedness, and wander in the arts.” Accordingly, Youyi Plaza was expected to inspire new culture and lifestyles at Soochow University, allowing innovative ideas to be generated on campus. Every learner at Soochow Co-Site can become creative, innovative, and courageous, which they will require to start a new business.

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