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Chinese Institute of Technology

Chinese Institute of Technology


Breeding center


Governing unit:Chinese Institute of Technology

Area:1028.78 square meters


TEL.:(02)2782-1862 Ext.288

Address:No.245, Sec. 3, Academia Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City


Under the University Law and the organization regulation of the Chinese Institute of Technology (CIT), the office of Research and Development is set up to achieve the objectives as follows,

  1. To promote the academic research, to develop the science and technology, and to cultivate the student technology skills.
  2. To promote of the cooperation between the industries, the government, and the CIT,
  3. To assist the research and development of the teacher and to propagate the specialized technologies.
  4. To cooperate the government industrial-academic cooperation policies,
  5. To assist the career planning of the student and to build up the related skills,
  6. To catch up with the development of the leading industrial technologies,
  7. To expand the research fields and to exchange the technology information internationally,
  8. To cooperate with other universities in technology fields.

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