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Nankang Software Incubator

Nankang Software Incubator


Breeding center


Governing unit:Nankang Software Incubator

Area:80 independent working spaces



Address:4F, Building E, 19-11 Sanchong Road, Nangang District, Taipei City


Startup Incubation, Incubation Services, and International Pioneer Marketing.


Provide various office space for rent, including general office, small incubator, and flexible space for rental-related business.
Provide consultants service for any business inquiries, also helping clients to connect with the important industry network.
Provide start-up business funding resource,letting clients able to access to early funding and long-term of fund-related services.

Special Project Service

To organize the government related services of startup promotion and development, such as breeding center maintenance, startup training program, innovation competition, marketing media match-making and more.
Media match-making between the big foreign companies and Taiwan’s Startup, services including team recruitment, outsourcing business, technical support service, base expansion and more.

International Pioneer Marketing

Helping any enterprise that wishes to enter the global market, to provide the Asean market business-related information, to hold matchmaking event from time to time to connect foreign business with the local company and overseas field investigation activities.

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